History ACWALL INTER GROUP CO.,LTD. We are the biggest manufacturing and selling insulated sandwich panel in Phatum thani City Thailand.


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ACWALL INTER GROUP CO.,LTD. Founded in 2016 for manufacture insulated panel or sandwich panel brand ACWALL. Our company have continuous for develop until currently. And we have international standard machine for manufacturing wall and roof brand ACWALL.

ACWALL INTER GROUP CO.,LTD. has experience worked long time. We develop our product about wall and roof anti heat continuous. Until currently ACWALL have develop product CONTAINER OFFICE, MODULAR HOUSE, GURED CABIN and MOBILE TOILET. Also we are service install sandwich panel or insulated panel get standard international nationwide in Thailand.

From our experience manufacturing and install Sandwich panel it long time.

Experience manufacturing and install sandwich panel or insulated panel long time. We know customer's want for construction cold room, clean room. Especially choose material into inside building. If choose material for use construction save energy it can control heat. More then material choose not save energy.

It impact cold in building decrease. customer choose material save energy will get qualification from insulated about anti heat and also it will can save cost about electricity and it can decrease temperature inside.

And for customer’s new want ACWALL INTER GROUP CO.,LTD. Then manufacturing CONTAINER OFFICE is product can answer building contractor’s want and whoa is want to temporary residence. CONTAINEROFFICE is product save energy manufacturing by Sandwich Panel brand ACWALL. It have qualification strong, anti heat,and get standard international suitable for every construction.


Service install insulated sandwich panel nationwide in Thailand.

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